Hello World (re: Ubuntu Sugarteam)

Makho Mashoba mmashoba at gmail.com
Sat Jan 23 18:06:03 GMT 2010

I'm Makho.  I heard about the team through Jeff Elkner, volunteering
during a couple python classes.  I don't know how to program, and I
don't know much about Linux or Sugar (though I do use Xubuntu on one
of my old computers).  I have free time, and I'd like to be

That's partially why I'm hoping to get involved and help the Ubuntu
Sugarteam.  Ultimately, I want to design and build online interactive
tutorials that teach kids in developing nations to program.  Hopefully
it would help them earn an income for their families.  Every journey
begins with a single step, so I want to learn the ropes of the open
source community and open learning first.

The skills I bring: I have a BA in Psychology from Yale, with
coursework in Educational Psychology.  I'm a decent writer, a great
researcher, and sometimes inspiration strikes me with a good idea.
More often passion strikes me with a vague and impractical aspiration.
 I speak a little Spanish, and I lived in France for a year in high

I look forward to helping.

Makho Mashoba

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