mid-week progress Jan 14th

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Fri Jan 15 10:59:13 GMT 2010

Having a pretty good week.

We now have an ubuntu-sugar-remix package at https://launchpad.net/~dfarning/+archive/ppa/+packages .

This is cool for two reasons; 1.  End users can install the ubuntu-sugar-remix package and get the complete ubuntu-sugar-remix experience and 2. Developers build and maintain ubuntu-sugar-remix with the same tools and procedures as other ubuntu products.  No more dirty hacks.

Goals by Mondays release.
1. Figure out how set the sugar xsession to open by default;  USR is dual desktop, sugar and gnome, but it would be good to boot to sugar.
2.  Test and move the packages from my ppa to the sugar team PPA and document how to install from the sugar team pppa.
3.  Create a Sugar-activities package which preseeds a collection of packages from ASLO.  This packages will need to flexible and probably temporary as Jonas figures out a good compromise for packaging activities and their common dependencies upstream.
4. Stub out Sugar-ubuntu-remix-default-configuration as a meta package to set gnome and system defaults the correct way rather than sed and other ugly bash tricks.

Apologies for the terrible communications. We have an ubuntu feature freeze deadline coming up in mid-February.  I am in a sprint to get things useful enough that a experienced ubuntu developer will be interested in helping us herd our stuff into universe....

Ubuntu Sugarteam 

On the nerdy side of things, I upgraded my workstation to 8G of memory and a quad core processor.  It has cut the time to build an USR ISO down by an order of magnitude. 
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