Pulseaudio on Sugar Desktop

David Robert Lewis ethnopunk at telkomsa.net
Sun Jul 26 11:31:17 BST 2009

There are a number of sugar activities that require access to pulseaudio.

http://wiki.laptop.org/go/PulseAudio mentions the following packages 
needed to get pulsaudio working on the XO


pulseaudio pulseaudio-lib-zeroconf pulseaudio-module-zeroconf
 deps: libsamplerate libtool-ltdl

This is what I get when I try to use a sugar app that requires pulse

*** PULSEAUDIO: Unable to connect: Access denied

Is there another way to get sugar desktop working with pulseaudio or do 
these sugar packages need to be repackaged for ubuntu hardy, etc?

BTW In order to get any sound in sugar on Hardy, you have to install 
python-csound which doesn't appear to be loaded with sugar and 


888          8 8                    
 8  8d8b. .d88 8 .d8b. Yb  dP 8   8 
 8  8P Y8 8  8 8 8' .8  YbdP  8b d8 
888 8   8 `Y88 8 `Y8P'   YP   `Y8P8 

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