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For the few of you who aren't on the extensive Cc list, we've had a
discussion about the Squeak license with Fedora legal (Tom Callaway)
and VPRI (Kim Rose and others).

To summarize:

o As of this moment, there is probably still some code in Squeak that
has not been properly moved to the MIT license.  (Mostly because the
original contributors can't be found).

o Fedora can't accept code that is in this state.

o Kim Rose says:

My colleagues, Yoshiki Ohshima and Bert Freudenbeg (along with a few
others) have been reviewing all code and our signed Relicensing
Agreements for the past week or so.  I believe they are stripping out
any code that still remains in the image for which we do not have
signed agreements to cover.  I will meet with them upon my return
from vacation week of August 18th to see exactly where we stand.

So, it looks very hopeful that squeak will soon be entirely safe to
include in Fedora, and we'll know more after the 18th.


Robin Norwood
Red Hat, Inc.

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