[ubuntu-studio-users] Problem with Asus FX505 Tuf Gaming laptop after installing 20.04

Mike Squires michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
Mon Oct 26 21:58:14 UTC 2020

See below

On 10/26/20 5:30 PM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:
> So, keep that in mind. Many "gaming" laptops out there aren't 
> Linux-compatible. It's a tough truth, but it's the truth.
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> Erich Eickmeyer
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I ran into this with FreeBSD.  It apparently is common for PC board 
manaufacturers to request minor changes in third party hardware, or for 
the third party hardware makers to do so.  This was done in a couple of 
cases where the hardware was supposed to work with FreeBSD and the 
hardware was listed during boot as being a supported piece of hardware, 
but it didn't work.  In both cases one particular implementation of the 
hardware had a very minor change that had no impact, apparently, for MS 
Windows users but which stopped the hardware from working under 
FreeBSD.  In both cases I was able to work with the group maintaining 
that piece of hardware and eventually getting a patch to the kernel that 
fixed the problem.

I personally have tried to buy laptops particularly that the 
manufacturer supported LINUX.  I've also learned not to buy the latest 
hardware since without manufacturer support the various BSD/LINUX 
implementations may take some time, if ever, to support new hardware or 
new versions of older hardware.

The problems I've had with Ubuntu have not been with Studio but with 
code maintained upstream.  This is different from my experience with (a 
long time ago) SCO UN*X and FreeBSD and it took me a bit to learn that.

My primary workstation is an older Supermicro X7DAE motherboard, dual 
Xeon quad core, which at one point didn't like the low-latency kernel 
mods but upstream changes contained in v19 and V20 have solved that 
problem.  My music room runs off a Dell T3600 which uses a single Xeon 
quad core, the nVidia card and LSI raid controller shipped with the 
unit, and a Presonus 24c USB sound inteface, all working well.  My 
laptops are a HP Envy 17T, Intel i7, and a Dell Inspiron 5758, both of 
which run fine under Ubuntu Studio.  The X7DAE is working well with a 
Radeon 7000 video card paired with an old M-Audio PCI card; the older 
nVidia display controller in the 17T is recognized and the "nouveau" 
driver is installed and works.  None of this offers state-of-the-art 
game performance (my gaming is restricted to participating in an on-line 
D&D game and a lot of years as an SCA armored combat participant) but it 
all seems to work well under Ubuntu Studio.

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