[ubuntu-studio-users] Dual System-Startup-Beginner

Dave at Dalek Zone dave at dalek.zone
Thu Jun 18 17:42:15 UTC 2020

P.S. Personally, I'd recommend using KDE (Kubuntu) and then installing 
the Ubuntu Studio environmont package on that.

All best wishes,

On 2020-06-18 11:45, András wrote:
> Hi,
> I am a Mac user for a few decades now and I am looking for ways to
> escape from that system. On a friend’s recommendation I am now
> investigating Ubuntu Studio 20.04 LTS.
> I am a complete beginner in Ubuntu, so my idea is to set up an Ubuntu
> system on a separate media but for now continue to use Apple’s High
> Sierra (OS 10.13.6) the last compatible OS with my Mac Mini Mid 2011.
> I have found an article on the web about installing dual systems on
> the Mac which I tried to follow. The media which I chose for keeping
> the Ubuntu system is a WD 2 TB external HD USB. For starting I used a
> 32 GB USB Stick.
> To get the downloaded iso file onto the Stick I had to burn it with
> BalenaEtcher. It then started up fine form the Stick. When I had a
> choice to install Ubuntu permanently I chose the 2 TB HD and finished
> the installation there. After playing around and discovering the way
> Ubuntu works I switched back to Mac OS.
> When I wanted to start Ubuntu again the next day from the 2 TB HD, it
> wouldn’t go beyond an initial black screen with text, awaiting some
> command. I never got as far as the Ubuntu logo.
> What am I doing wrong or not doing that impedes the start up of the
> installed system from the HD?
> I’d very much appreciate your help. After the initial joy about the
> new system it’s now total frustration. By the way, I am not a
> programmer or computer geek, as you may have noticed, so I’d
> appreciate some idiot-proof advice. Thanks!
> Regards
> Andy

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