[ubuntu-studio-users] ubuntu-studio INSTALLED

Erich Eickmeyer erich at ericheickmeyer.com
Tue Jan 21 15:57:32 UTC 2020

Hi Yves,

On Tue, 2020-01-21 at 07:35 +0000, Yves Yves wrote:
> Hi Thomas,
>  As mentioned above UBUNTUSTUDIO finally installed (after 5 nites of
> trying)*
> . . . by choosing to install along side of UBUNTU 19.10 ?
> Select Dive SCSI1
> Ubuntu 19.10 /dev/sda2(ext4) 257.5GB     Ubuntu Studio
> /dev/sda2(ext4) 242.0GB
> there  was an error during the 1st step of installation tho, just
> before the "Install" Welcome page-"you may wish to read the release
> notes" which said something like this in multiple repetitions ( a
> black page that lasted only one second);
> Error communicating with TPM chip .....but that can be turned on
> again in the BIOS which will apparently resolve this issue. Thank-you 
> so much for any and all assistance you provided.
> p.s. so does this mean both UBUNTU and UBUNTUSTUDIO are installed on
> this hard-drive and if so how does one decide which to utilize on
> start-up?

The biggest problem that I'm seeing in all of your emails is that you
think Ubuntu Studio is a separate distribution from Ubuntu. It is not.
You will find this is true of all official flavors of Ubuntu. It is
merely a different default installation and configuration, similar to
Fedora's "spins".

Yes, you can install Ubuntu and Ubuntu Studio alongside each other, but
the GRUB boot entry will always list them both as Ubuntu because that's
what they are. You will never find an "ubuntu studio" entry in the

I hope that clears up your confusion.

Erich Eickmeyer
Project Leader
Ubuntu Studio


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