[ubuntu-studio-users] Audio Issues

Ranjith Hegde ranjithshegde at gmail.com
Thu Jun 20 04:59:31 UTC 2019


First time user of the mailing list so please bear with me.

After the June update of ubuntu studio, several things seem to be broken in
my system. One thing I notice is that psensor no longer reads fan sensors.

But the most important problem is that I get audio only from the right
channel of my headphones port no matter which hardware I connect to the

I have checked in pulse audio control and all channels have volume. I have
checked in Carla and cadence patchbays and all things are connected as
should be.

This is affecting my work. I am requesting assistance.
I would be grateful to any assistance I can get.

Thank you

*Ranjith Hegde*
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