[ubuntu-studio-users] kxstudio repos in 18.04 with backports

Alan W. Kerr awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu
Wed Jun 19 21:48:55 UTC 2019

"Oh, Bother!" said Pooh
"I'll go get the 18.04 iso" said Piglet
"I knew something like this would happen" said Eeyore...

In synaptic, using the "Origin" button, I looked at the programs that 
were installed from the kxstudio repos... and I didn't *think* there 
would be any way to remove them... so, yeah, I'll have to reinstall...

So that no one *else* has to go through all this... It would be useful 
if you could edit/rearrange/combine the following three blocks you wrote 
and put that on the official pages about the backports...

i.e. If you are using the kxstudio repos, DO NOT add the backports.
reinstall 18.04 (with out the kxstudio repos) and *then* add the 
backports.  for these reasons [edited stuff].

Thanks for your help and guidance in all this...

Alan W. Kerr          awkerr at aoc.nrao.edu          Whee!(tm)

On 6/16/19 3:40 PM, Erich Eickmeyer wrote:

> This is no longer the case. The apps in the KXStudio repos are built
> against Ubuntu 14.04, which is 5 years old, meaninng nothing that is
> compiled there is guaranteed to work.
> Additionally, Cadence has been known to mess with the default audio
> configuration in a very intrusive manner.


> Our official policy at this point is this: adding the KXStudio
> repositories to Ubuntu Studio is NOT supported, and we even consider it
> to no longer be Ubuntu Studio at that point. What you have is no longer
> Ubuntu Studio. Please do not seek support from this mailing list or
> other support methods. At that point, you're on your own, and do not
> come to us if your system does not behave as expected


> You need to do a complete reinstall and delete the ~/.config and
> ~/.pulse directories if you save your /home partition (or if it's
> separate). As stated above, you are no longer running Ubuntu Studio,
> and there is no easy way to remove KXStudio.

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