[ubuntu-studio-users] Problem booting 18.04 DVD and workaround

Mac macdroid53 at gmail.com
Sat Jun 9 18:18:36 UTC 2018

Interestingly, since the failed upgrade and subsequent complete install on
my laptop, I've done the upgrade on two of my other PC's with no issues.
(As for the laptop, it appears to be something about having 3 monitors
while upgrading nvidia that causes a login loop after. If the extract
monitors are added after the fact, all is good...thanks nvidia!)

I have, on the other hand, found one annoying issue with 18.04 (in general,
not studio). I use Universal Devices java web app to access my home
Unfortunately it needs Java 9 or above. And apparently only 8 is supported
on 18.04 until September. Attempting to run the app under 8 and it throws a
security error.

Oh well... :(

On Sat, Jun 9, 2018 at 1:41 PM, Mike Squires <
michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com> wrote:

> My first attempt to upgrade from 16.10 to 18.04 (interested in assisting
> in creating LTS version) failed when the installation failed with an error
> that I was unable to copy.
> I accidentally found the workaround by booting to the "run from DVD"
> option which allows the installation program to be started within that
> shell.  This ran far enough that I got to the commit to erase the old
> installation which I was unwilling to do at that time.
> I will repeat this process (with a camera handy) but thought that the
> workaround was worth reporting.
> Hardware is a Supermicro X7DAE motherboard with 2 Xeon CPUs, 4 cores each,
> 2 GHz; disk controller is a 3Ware 9500 supporting a single boot drive and a
> RAID 5 5 disk second array.  I have been using it to do some low-grade
> editing of videos filmed on an iPhone 6 and merging the video with audio
> recorded on a Zoom H2N. Sound output is via a M-Audio card.
> I also run Studio on an HP Envy laptop and an older Dell 6230 laptop, the
> latter because of the cheap availability of the multi-monitor docking
> station.
> I have to report that Ubuntu Studio with options (mainly the current
> version of OpenShot and Cinelerra-CV) are more reliable than the same
> system booting Windows 7 with the MS version of OpenShot, and I find
> Clementine a better music library system for me than iTunes at this point.
> Thank you, Ubuntu Studio developers.
> Mike Squires
> UN*X at home since 1986
> ..!sir-alan!mikes (1986-90, Tandy 68K XENIX)
> mikes at siralan.org (1990-)
> michael.leslie.squires at gmail.com
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