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Jota Pe jotape1960 at yahoo.com
Sat Sep 16 21:48:40 UTC 2017

I'm relative new with Ubuntu Studio (two years or so) and I have some specific issue I want to "fix".
I have an small not-comercial on-line radio station and I use an standard PC, with Ubuntu Studio 16.04 LTS, and an specific radio automation software called: ZaraRadio. It is a Windows software, so I run it through WineHQ.
All about those system is working so fine, but...
As I don't have enough money to get another PC to dedicate it to the audio recording and edition processing, I have to use another laptop to perform that.
However, the PC I'm using to "broadcast" the main on-line audio signal, has (as any PC today) a very nice, surround sound capable, audio card, and I know it is working so fine.
My issue is... I wonder why Ubuntu Studio doesn't have a direct way (GUI apps inside the Main Menu) to manage all about the audio input and output devices, from any source to any source, without to have to use JACK, which isn't useful with WineHQ.
Why I want this???
My final target is to get the following configuration:
1) ZaraRadio (running through WineHQ) Main Audio Output ---> MAIN STEREO (FRONT) AUDIO CHANNELS, ONLY.
2) Audacity Main Audio Output (record, edit and playback) ---> SIDE STEREO SURROUND AUDIO CHANNELS, ONLY.
So... With this configuration, I will be able to record, edit and listen audio with Audacity, in the same PC I'm broadcasting the on-line signal, but... nobody will be hear that "second audio signal" into the radiostation main on-line signal.
Was I enough clear to expose my issue??? I hope so!!!
Well, if somebody knows something about how to get this, please... LET ME KNOW!!!
And... If it isn't possible today... Well, I think the Ubuntu Studio development team should be thinking about to add a system main menu app to get this. The users have rights to manage their sound card (and all the PC devices) as they want to do it, Don't you agree with me???

Blessings and Greetings from Chile, South America!!!!!!!
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