[ubuntu-studio-users] Help with upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 16.04

David King linuxman at avoura.com
Mon Aug 8 09:59:47 UTC 2016

It could be your entries in fstab. If they refer to the UUID of a partition, and that UUID has changed, but fstab is now out of date, it would need updating with the correct UUID.

You can find these out by using gparted, perhaps run from a live DVD.

David King

On 06/08/16 00:07, Henry W. Peters wrote:

> I upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 16.04 this afternoon (I was using v. 13. something) all seemed to go well until I tried to restart. After clicking Ubuntu Low Latency, in Grub, I got the terminal window that said:
> :[sdd] No caching mode found
> :[sdd] Assuming drive cache write through.
> I have an HP 8600 desktop... I'm doing dual boot with Windows 10, with my Linux install on an external drive. I have rEfind on a flash drive that I use to switch OS's (unless there is a fresh update of grub, in which case, I go right to Grub).
> When it came up, during the upgrade, I kept my present preferences, but I did have the upgrade remove what it claimed to be obsolete files...
> I can still startup & use Windows.
> Any suggestions or help*much*  appreciated. Thanks in advance.
> Henry
> "Earth is spinning, round the sun..."
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