[ubuntu-studio-users] Help with upgrade to Ubuntu Studio 16.04

Henry W. Peters hwpeters at jamadots.com
Fri Aug 5 23:07:47 UTC 2016

I upgraded to Ubuntu Studio 16.04 this afternoon (I was using v. 13. something) all seemed to go well until I tried to restart. After clicking Ubuntu Low Latency, in Grub, I got the terminal window that said:

:[sdd] No caching mode found

:[sdd] Assuming drive cache write through.

I have an HP 8600 desktop... I'm doing dual boot with Windows 10, with my Linux install on an external drive. I have rEfind on a flash drive that I use to switch OS's (unless there is a fresh update of grub, in which case, I go right to Grub).

When it came up, during the upgrade, I kept my present preferences, but I did have the upgrade remove what it claimed to be obsolete files... 

I can still startup & use Windows.

Any suggestions or help much appreciated. Thanks in advance.


"Earth is spinning, round the sun..."
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