[ubuntu-studio-users] Downloaded the 64 bit iso, makes dvd ok, but usb stick fails to boot straight away after reboot.

Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
Sun Oct 26 14:51:07 UTC 2014

On Sun, Oct 26, 2014 at 1:04 AM, Alex Armani <alex.armani at rocketmail.com>

> #bought a spindle of dvds. Downloaded the 64 bit iso, makes dvd ok, but
> usb stick fails to boot straight away after reboot.

why are you using an installation DVD to make an installation USB? if you
want to install, and the DVD is working, just use it to do your
installation.. you indicated you have plenty of them on a new spindle..
otherwise, check your machine that it is capable, and setup for USB boot..
take the USB that is not working to a machine that you know well and that
is capable of booting USB, and see that the USB is indeed working or not..

also, on a few personal notes...

1. i suggest getting 14.04 installed and leaving it alone.
2. i suggest that you return that ARM chromebook and either, buy *exactly*
what you want, which is a machine that runs linux, like an ubuntu machine
from system76 which would ship with ubuntu and run a distro like arch out
of the box and easily.. *or* get an intel based chromebook, which will run
a standard distro of linux. there are also simple projects such as crouton
which will allow you to basically add a full ubuntu distro (not limited to
ubuntu) on top of the currently installed chromeOS kernel..

there is no reason to make things so hard on yourself..

> Checked the disk had no error before boot. Wouldn't this be a good auto
> option? If installing via a dvd, check the install will complete with no
> disk errors before commit to install?
> Obvious yes, but not for artists etc which is who this distro claimes to
> be about. I was told off here a while back but i read the email they sent
> all about eriquette.
> Oh, and my sig the distros I support. Too late know did the ctrl alt f2
> and sudo upgrade option. Oh and I support 32bit PCLinuxOS MATE also; my
> first ''KDE'' install. That's rolling release I think.
> Worked out why I was having errors before and so many problems here. I had
> bad sectors on my hd, and help from google (google is not your friend at
> all; google is a search engine.
> I didn't realise you could google on the error messages you get. It should
> have been fairly oblivious to me, but it wasn't.
> Yeah, my old lapto blew up, had bad sectors which was crashing fdisk out
> and I was thinking it was completing but it was crashing, and then
> installing but failing at the bits where it searches the hd for avvailable
> options for the boot grub thing to display.
> Fixed the bad sectors and then the cpu died. I absolutely that my hard
> drives and processors. For sale: Acer Aspire 5551. One careful owner ;) 8p
> %)
> Bought a new laptop! 14.o4.1 went on no prob at all, It was clean cos I
> couldn't wait for 14.1o. I'll be supporting 14,1o It's on
> now.........................
> What are the differences? Didn't even read the release notr. Thought after
> the failed usb stck install it was beta or an rc. Failure to run that is
> not install.
> So the question now, it I do I creat the 14.1o on my usb stick. I know, I
> will go get the 14.o4 iso and put that on again.
> Yeah, bought a laptop and a Chromebook..... Gonna stick ARM Arch on it
> next............. I never had and success with Arch at all previously.
> tia from Alex & 0LIK.xx
> PS Did you all remember to set your clocks back? Today is the official end
> of summer now ihere in the UK.
> British Summer Time that is. All my clocks are set to UTC or Zulu time as
> we call it hear ;)
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