[ubuntu-studio-users] Questions about production

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jul 28 18:37:50 UTC 2014

10.7ms for the audio signal in -> computer processing -> audio out rout
are usable for software monitoring, but it already is not very pleasant.
Btw. it's the lowest I can get with my prosumer and professional sound
cards. A longer delay IMO can't be used anymore.

An analog mixing console IMO is very helpful to bypass software
monitoring, some audio cards also provide an alternativ solution for the
monitoring, but as Mike already mentioned, you have to imagine what it
does sound. Musicians usually own external gear too, even if I will use
a software delay, for the monitoring I could use an external 19" effect.

IWO to give tips and tricks, we need to know what exactly you want to do
and what your budget is.

A cheap analog mixer could be helpful for monitoring and provides a mic
preamp. But what exactly is "cheap"? ;) Buy a cheap "this" and a cheap
"that" and in the end cheap becomes much money.

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