[ubuntu-studio-users] Questions about production

Shubham Mishra mishrashubham2007 at gmail.com
Tue Jul 29 07:10:36 UTC 2014

> in this scenario, where the machine is the sound source, or the 
> software synth, you will need lower latency for that to "feel" like an 
> actual instrument.. for me, i want under 12ms latency for this.. 
> ideally, 5 to 8.. i personally dont want to incite an argument about 
> latency and what is needed, or usable, or adequate, but rather, 
> encourage you to, as i did, set the scenario up, and decide for 
> yourself what latency is acceptable to you for live software synth 
> instruments. if i had an internal audio device only, i would go ahead 
> and assume the latency i will have will be unacceptable for this 
> purpose.. a work around would be, connect the midi unit to the 
> machine, and record the midi data, but, if the midi keyboard is more 
> than a controller and has *any* internal sounds, use the internal 
> sounds on the actual keyboard to monitor while tracking the midi data 
> into the computer.. this will get you the same end result, with the 
> compromise of not hearing exactly what you want while recording, but, 
> hearing an instrument played in realtime.. after tracking the midi 
> data into the machine, you can then process the midi data however you 
> like... routing the midi data to whatever software instruments, and to 
> whatever audio effects..
Yes, the keyboard does have its own synth with a line out, although the 
sounds are somewhat limited. Not being able to listen to the sound I 
want seems a little weird at first. But I guess I'll get used to it if I 
do it more often

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