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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
Mon Jul 28 15:07:01 UTC 2014

On Sun, Jul 27, 2014 at 3:37 AM, Shubham Mishra <mishrashubham2007 at gmail.com
> wrote:

> Hello People. After a long time I finally got around to try and record
> something. I have a fresh install of Ubuntu Studio 14.04 up and running and
> I have fiddled around with some of the programs and tried to do some stuff
> but I'm running into some problems. Note I am not only new to linux audio
> but new to audio recording in general so please bear with me if some of the
> questions sound stupid. At the moment I'm using my midi keyboard which is
> hooked up with a USB cable and I'm only going to do midi stuff right now
> although I'm planning to get a microphone later for vocals. So here we go
> 1. I seem to be running into xruns a lot (one every 2-3 minutes) and the
> settings which I have to bring jack so I don't get any dropouts at all
> brings the latency up to 40ms which is too high. I'm running this on my
> relatively old laptop using the built in sound card, which has a first gen
> i3 and 3 GB RAM. Now I have absolutely no idea about what kind of hardware
> is recommended for audio recording, so is this much enough? Because if it
> is, then I'm probably doing something wrong. I do have a desktop with a
> much better processor which I may have to use then, but no dedicated sound
> card.
> I have Realtime enabled in JACK and enabled memlock in Ubuntu Studio
> controls. What else can I do reduce the latency? I have left the priority
> setting in qjackctl at default. Should I change that to something?
> 2. Is it ok to use rakarrack effects while recording or should I monitor
> just a clean signal and then apply effects later? I mean, does the extra
> processing add significant load to the CPU or are we talking on completely
> different scales here? Same with zynaddsubfx; should I use that while
> recording? I read somewhere that apparently it is not real time safe.
> 3.  For monitoring while recording, is it better to route the midi signal
> through qtractor to the synth or to connect the keyboard directly to the
> synth?
> 4. On an unrelated note, how do sfz files work? Are they sort of like sf2
> files, which I can just load up on Qsynth or something?
> 5. For the microphone, is it ok get a USB microphone? I heard that it's
> messy handling multiple sound cards with jack. If yes, then what is the
> best way to connect a microphone?

OH!, i forgot to mention my opinion of USB mic's.. personally, i think they
are great if they meet your needs.. they are "one trick pony" "uni-tasking"
devices.. for example, you may be able to get a nice USB audio device and a
nice actual mic for not much more cost than a decent USB mic, and those 2
things are *much* more versatile.. if you have a USB mic, for example, and
you later decide to purchase a nicer preamp, you cant use it.. the USB
audio device can also provide a nice instrument input, and be used as a
fully functioning sound card.. so, for my money, i consider a USB mic to be
a little bit of a wasted investment, unless the user is *only* doing
something like a podcast, or only speech or one channel at a time with a
mic.. good luck

> Thanks
> Mish
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