[ubuntu-studio-users] Questions about production

Jean HUBER jeanhuber at free.fr
Sun Jul 27 15:00:52 UTC 2014


I think yes, that would ensure trouble-free working of both audio and 
midi together.

Best regards,


Le 27/07/2014 12:54, Shubham Mishra a écrit :
> So I should get an external audio interface which has a mic preamp and 
> midi in and not use onboard card at all?
> On Sunday 27 July 2014 03:02 PM, Jean HUBER wrote:
>> SFZ files are just what you say, a sort of like sf2 files 
>> (compression algorithms may differ), that can be played with some 
>> players, although I have not tried them with Qsynth as yet. I play 
>> them on Win..... software and they sound well. There might be a 
>> question of property rights though.
> Hmm.. then I'll check linux sampler

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