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Am Sun, 27 Jul 2014 13:07:32 +0530
schrieb Shubham Mishra <mishrashubham2007 at gmail.com>: 

> a first 
> gen i3 and 3 GB RAM.

This is plenty of computing power for audio. A Pentium-M 1.4GHz with 2
GiB RAM was plenty, too. My current laptop is a Core2Duo (OK, with 8
Gig, but those are not in use for audio production) and can work with a
project in Ardour with about 20 tracks plus buses and effects all over
the place (EQ, comp, reverb ... sometimes a amp/speaker simulation,
too) just fine. You'll find that CPU load is not that high, unless you
go for extremely low buffer sizes (below 128 or so).

The crucial point is to have the system properly configured and to
avoid bad luck with certain hardware that just won't work properly.

Even frequency scaling with the 'ondemand' governor is no problem with
my Core2Duo (also with the Pentium M back then). It might be a problem
for you, though, but I actually doubt it. I suspect some software issue
interfering with the operation of your gear. Especially if the xruns
are regular. A fresh install of Ubuntu Studio _should_ not feature the
usual suspects, though.

> 5. For the microphone, is it ok get a USB microphone? I heard that it's 
> messy handling multiple sound cards with jack. If yes, then what is the 
> best way to connect a microphone?

Multiple sound cards are possible, but it should be avoided for simple
setups, especially if the cards are not linked to a common clock (I run
two Firewire devices that are in sync via S/PDIF). An USB microphone is
a separate sound card. Best aquire a normal analog microphone and plug
it into the same sound card that offers the MIDI interface. If your
keyboard only has USB, not an actual MIDI port, then you could try a
USB mic for cost-effectiveness, but you'd be more happy with an audio
interface that handles both the data from the MIDI keyboard and the

On the other hand ... I do wonder if there is a sync problem between a
MIDI-only USB device and an audio USB device at all (apart from the
jitter that Ralf refers to and which can but doesn't have to be a
problem you encounter). When MIDI only does input, then the clock
is ... you?! I'm not sure about the timing in the protocol ... but does
it actually make a difference to have unsynced devices in this case? A
question for the audience;-)

In any case: Getting two devices into a JACK setup is more work than
getting one device in there. Plus, a separate analog microphone can
have other uses (on stage, in a different studio).

Alrighty then,

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