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Jimmy Sjölund jimmy at sjolund.se
Fri Jan 10 18:19:28 UTC 2014

Didn't my emails reach the list or didn't anyone read them? I provided a
solution to get Scrivener running on both 32 and 64 bit Ubuntu Studio.
Installed, tested and verified.


On 10 jan 2014, at 18:43, Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at anvilcom.com> wrote:

 I knew that going in, Mike.
Ubuntu Studio is Ubuntu.
I've been working with computers since 1979.
But I have resistance to learning the CLI, so I'm about to have another box
ready to go, and I'll install Ubuntu Server on it as I think Ubuntu Server
is all CLI.
I did install Scrivener on Ubuntu Studio, but when I clicked on it, nothing
I thought I didn't get it installed right.
I Google "Scrivener for Linux" and it takes me to a "Free Trial Scrivener"
link that takes me to the free download page at  teaandlatte.com .  Down
the page about 2/3 of the way and you see a link that takes you to a forum
entry, at the top of the page that shows up from clicking that link, and
there are two files to choose to download, a debi and a tar.  I got the
debi because debi package manager is easier for me than going to the CLI.
It installed, and gave me a place to click on it, but nothing happened
after I clicked on it.  After enough frustration, I asked on this forum.
I'm not sure why it's still a beta, as it works fine; I've not had a
stability problem with it - once it's open.  I think it's a business issue,
not a technical issue.  The app runs perfect on my 12.04 LTS box.
It IS production quality, once it opens.  I don't know why they're not
selling it yet.
There's a manual, but I haven't asked on that forum.
If I can make Calligra Author work, Scrivener is no longer an issue.
So I took off Gnome on my 12.04 LTS machine and put on KDE, and the next
thing is to get Calligra 2.8 (another beta) on that box.  Then I'll get it
configured and I'm a happy camper, for the long haul.
But Scrivener is a sweet app where it works, and I'll still try to get it
on my Ubuntu Studio box.  It's a great place to free-write.
I'm betting that my problem is not having the right 32-bit libraries.  I'll
give it another go and report back.  Thanks for being willing to download
it and apply your expertise.

 On 01/10/2014 11:03 AM, Mike Holstein wrote:

On Fri, Jan 10, 2014 at 11:19 AM, Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at anvilcom.com>wrote:

>  That sounds like for sure what it probably is, Steven.
> Debi Package Installer said all dependencies were resolved, as I recall.
> I'll install the 32-bit libraries and see what happens.
> Thanks.

 you also seem to be hung up on a fact. ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu so.. if
you can install it into ubuntu, you *can* install it into ubuntustudio. the
issue you are having could be the 64bit/32bit issue above.. could be you
are using different releases, 13.10 vs 12.04 for example.. i was going to
go and download and install and test and make scrivener work, but i dont
see a linux version where  search.. where are you getting what version
exactly? i will try something for you in ubuntu if you share what exactly
im supposed to try. i only see referenced a linux beta version, where i
would expect, since its beta, to have issues such as you mention. is that
the case? are you running beta software and expecting production release
quality? have you asked them for support since it seems to be a commercial
product that you pay for? ubuntustudio, linux, nor main ubuntu is not doing
anything to prevent you or the scrivener team from making scrivener work on
ubuntustudio. let me know where to get the installer, and i will make it
run, and share my experiences...

> Smiles.
> Tommy
>   On 01/10/2014 09:51 AM, Steven Grace wrote:
> On 01/08/2014 04:42 AM, Jimmy Sjölund wrote:
> On Wed, Jan 8, 2014 at 6:49 AM, Tommy Tolson
> <healinghawk at anvilcom.com <mailto:healinghawk at anvilcom.com><healinghawk at anvilcom.com>>
> wrote:
> We're having a bit of a miscommunication, I'm afraid. I would like
> to get Scrivener for Linux to run on Ubuntu Studio. So I'm
> interested in finding out how to properly install Scrivener for
> Linux on Ubuntu Studio. Can that happen? Thanks again.
> Smiles. Tommy
> Ok, so after reading some more of the conversation at the Scrivener
>  forum it suggested there are some issues with QT and 64 vs 32 bit.
> I could not get it to run in my Ubuntu Studio 14.04 64-bit, however
> when running the installation on my Ubuntu Studio 14.04 32-bit it
> runs just fine.
> I suppose you have a 64 bit installation of Ubuntu Studio?
> On 01/10/2014 05:52 AM, Tommy Tolson wrote:
> Yeah, I finally decided that's what it is, too.  It does still work
> on the 12.04LTS machine, but not on the Studio machine. I guess that
> 12.04 LTS will run 32-bit apps. Both my currently operating machines
> are AMD64.  The 12.04LTS is 64-bit.  I don't know.  Confusing.  But a
> lot about Ubuntu is confusing, after working on Macs for a few
> years. Thanks for the response.  I'm checking out some alternatives.
> Calligra Author is my goal, now, in Calligra Office 2.8, the beta.
> Switching from Gnome to KDE was more involved than I thought.  Studio
> is neither of the above, isn't it?  The adventure continues.  Thanks
> again.
> Since you're trying to run 32-bit software on a 64-bit machine, the
> problem may be that you don't have the 32-bit libraries that Scrivener
> needs. Does it indicate its dependencies? In any case, you might try
> installing package "ia32-libs" from the repository; it contains many of the
> most commonly used 32-bit libraries.
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