[ubuntu-studio-users] Installing Scrivener

Tommy Tolson healinghawk at anvilcom.com
Wed Jan 8 01:28:03 UTC 2014

Thanks for the response, Mike.
Ubuntu 12.04 LTS runs the beta version of Scrivener for Linux.
The latest version of Ubuntu Studio (55 updates yesterday, with a new 
low-latency kernel) does not.
Is that version of Ubuntu Studio Ubuntu 13.10?
I don't know.
When I installed it, it said it was 12.04.
The Scrivener version in 12.04 LTS is quite stable, better than any MS 
beta I ever tried, stable enough to trust it with my work.
I simply can't get it to run in Ubuntu Studio, or even to install correctly.
I know what you're talking about - starting from the terminal, 
manipulating .config files, and users/home - and I'll try to run the app 
as a different user, and, if that works, I'll try the other stuff you 
No, I've not reported it to Scrivener support, but I will.
Again, thanks for your response.

Tommy Tolson

On 01/07/2014 04:16 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at anvilcom.com 
> <mailto:healinghawk at anvilcom.com>> wrote:
>     Hi, Everybody,
>     The beta version of Scrivener for Linux installs and works nicely
>     on 12.04 LTS, (using the beta.deb link at
>     http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25201&sid=a04b018ca9447c27659ed92fc6f5dae0
>     - the other link didn't work for me) but won't install on Ubuntu
>     Studio so it works.
> ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu.. you mean, ubuntu 12.04 LTS runs the beta 
> version of scrivener? and ubuntu 13.10 doesnt? ask them for an update 
> for 13.10. you can start the application from the terminal and see if 
> there is any helpful output there, or try looking for and 
> moving/removing any .config files for the application in your users 
> /home (or, try the application as a different user if that is simpler 
> for you). do they have a stable version you can try? have you reported 
> to the scrivener support? cheers.
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