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Mike Holstein mikeh789 at gmail.com
Wed Jan 8 01:51:55 UTC 2014

On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 8:28 PM, Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at anvilcom.com>wrote:

>  Thanks for the response, Mike.
> Ubuntu 12.04 LTS runs the beta version of Scrivener for Linux.
> The latest version of Ubuntu Studio (55 updates yesterday, with a new
> low-latency kernel) does not.
> Is that version of Ubuntu Studio Ubuntu 13.10?
> I don't know.

https://help.ubuntu.com/community/CheckingYourUbuntuVersion is how to tell
what version you are running.

> When I installed it, it said it was 12.04.

when what installed, what said what? the application stated it was for
12.04? that is likely, and can cause the issue where the version is created
for 12.04, and also is a beta version, and may only have support for 12.04.
you will need to ask them for support for the operating system you are
using, or use the supported operating system that they list. ubuntustudio
is not doing anything to prevent the application from running on it. the
creators will make a version that can run on 13.10, *if* thats what you are

> The Scrivener version in 12.04 LTS is quite stable, better than any MS
> beta I ever tried, stable enough to trust it with my work.
> I simply can't get it to run in Ubuntu Studio, or even to install
> correctly.

it seems you simply cant get it to run in 13.10, since you stated it *did*
work in 12.04, correct? ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu.

> I know what you're talking about - starting from the terminal,
> manipulating .config files, and users/home - and I'll try to run the app as
> a different user, and, if that works, I'll try the other stuff you
> recommend.
> No, I've not reported it to Scrivener support, but I will.

they will ideally be the party responsible for support, since its not an
app that is in the ubuntu repositories, and its beta.

> Again, thanks for your response.

thank you!.. i would just refer to the documentation they provide and see
what you need to do to run and install the beta version on 13.10, assuming
they have made it possible to run the application on 13.10, and you are
indeed using 13.10.. cheers!

> Smiles.
> Tommy Tolson
>  On 01/07/2014 04:16 PM, Mike Holstein wrote:
> On Tue, Jan 7, 2014 at 4:30 PM, Tommy Tolson <healinghawk at anvilcom.com>wrote:
>>  Hi, Everybody,
>> The beta version of Scrivener for Linux installs and works nicely on
>> 12.04 LTS, (using the beta.deb link at
>> http://www.literatureandlatte.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=33&t=25201&sid=a04b018ca9447c27659ed92fc6f5dae0- the other link didn't work for me) but won't install on Ubuntu Studio so
>> it works.
>  ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu.. you mean, ubuntu 12.04 LTS runs the beta
> version of scrivener? and ubuntu 13.10 doesnt? ask them for an update for
> 13.10. you can start the application from the terminal and see if there is
> any helpful output there, or try looking for and moving/removing any
> .config files for the application in your users /home (or, try the
> application as a different user if that is simpler for you). do they have a
> stable version you can try? have you reported to the scrivener support?
> cheers.
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