[ubuntu-studio-users] Free email forwwarding for all my friends, whatever OS you use @Armani.PM

Alex Armani alex.armani at rocketmail.com
Thu Jan 2 10:34:56 UTC 2014

What is the plural for OS anyway? Fancy an easy 'dress to remember? Surely the best kind of email?
Alexander Richard, my initials. Smart Alec / Clever Dick. No wonder I changed my name by deed pollish! ;) 8)  %)

Alexander Richard, the names on my birth certificate.
Followed by man, as in woman.
I as in I am
PM for Prime Minister.

Simples, I am a man called Alexander Richard... 

VOTE ARMANI! Prime Minister... Vote for me, and I'll buy you a pint! Buy your vote for a pint? Monster Raving Loony Party Candidate for the next election; the idea, is that all the numpties will vote for me cos of my surname. Me, I got two votes last year, and two postal ones also. I had to explain the alternative voting system and everything to the poor lass to get that. I didn't have time to research all the candidates though, so I just voted for the ones with female names! Also, I pulled the conservative candidate at the polling station right at the last minute before it closed. I'm sorry I have togo now it's nearly closing wearing the purple dress; same colour as my starsign Amethyst / Pisces ThatIs. Hi she said to me, I'm a 4o year old Scarborian. Excellent I replied, are you single? ;) 8) %) VOTE ARMANI!

Or as we say in my country, vote early, and vote often... ;) 8) %) 
Only messin' ;) You know, Messing around, Having a laugh, Duck King about, PLAYING!

Prime! ;) 8) %) ThatIs my knew word for 2,o14 AD PRIME!

The whole point of an email is something that's easy to remember right. Sure, for example, Alex.MacLennan_29_February_1976 at Armani.PM {it's case sensitive to get through the filters on my machines} tells you everything you need to know, but how to remember that? Especially if you've not got a pen handy when you're in the club, and have had a couple of refreshing beers after a hard days work. ;) 8) %)

Simples, just email me, with the bit you want before the @ and everything sent to that address will be automatically forwarded to an email 'dress of your choice. It doesn't even go through my machine so zero latency insured! ;) 8) %)

Cheers & Beers, from Alex & Amy.xx
 Alex @ Armani.PM
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