[ubuntu-studio-users] firewire broken after upgrade

bart deruyter bart.deruyter at gmail.com
Mon Nov 11 16:19:41 UTC 2013

Hi guys,

I finally managed to get my AF12 working. The issue was the PCI-firewire
card that was broken and even prevented to let the onboard firewire port to

I unplugged the PCI-card and everything started to work :-D

I read here about the firmware too. I won't upgrade the firmware, since I
just got my system working, but in a later stage, when the ffado-drivers
have been updated to that new firmware, is there a way to update the
firmware of my AF12 using linux? I've read it has been done in windows, but
in ubuntustudio, is it possible to do?



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2013/11/11 Takashi Sakamoto <o-takashi at sakamocchi.jp>

> Hi Mac,
> > Any chance of getting a 12.04 package? (this would allow me to quickly
> > test on a AF12 with 4.7 firmware)
> I pushed it into my repository. Then confirmed that the build for lucid
> failed so remove lucid package.
> > many more lines like above
> Yes.  Retry mechanism and fallback mechanism which I added causes these
> lines. Once these commands are failed, then retry several times. If all
> retries are failed, then fallback to another way.
> > The GUI appears but, it won't identify the device, save setting button
> is grayed out,
> > clock source & sample rate grayed out, etc.
> My workaround causes this situation. When you see this, inner FFADO,
> retries of the command are executed because the command failed once. So
> please wait a little time. Then it may be active again.
> This is not a perfect solution but my best effort.
> Regards
> Takashi Sakamoto
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