Scarllet 8i6 on Ubuntu Studio 13.04

Abhayadev S abhayadevs at
Tue May 21 07:31:29 UTC 2013


Anybody had tried using the Focusrite Scarllet 8i6 on Ubuntu Studio 13.04?

So far it was not supported under ALSA but from 13.04 it seems it is been
detected and the JACK is able to list out couple of I/Os.

Last day i just booted up a live version of the 13.04 and was bale to do
couple of i/o routing. Jack lists 8 inputs and 12 outputs. It seems the
Inputs 1 to 4 (analog mic/line-ins) are listed as Inpiuts 1 to 4 and 2
SPDIF are 5 and 6. But i am not sure about the 7 and 8. I am getting the
same SPDIF signal on these inputs too !

The output 1 to 4 are Monitors output (1&2) and extra outputs (3&4) on the
backside of the box. And 5&6 seems to be SPDIF outputs. Still have 6 more
outputs to be listed/clarified.

Just going ahead with further analysis and if anybody out there has any
thing to add on please do so..

Abhayadev S​
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