Running big Open Source applications in the cloud?

Pete Wright pnwright at
Mon May 20 19:12:43 UTC 2013

Thanks, Hazan, for the good link.
But all this discussion is still about various pieces of client software
you run on a local machine no matter where you get it or how you pay for it.
I am talking about running the software remotely (in the cloud), not on
local machines, with only data (and commands) passed back and forth.
>From what I have read so far, Adobe is not talking about that, despite the
"cloud" in their name for the new iteration of their suite.
Autodesk has been playing with this concept with very interesting results.
Their 123D Catch is amazing.
And here is the "octocopter" capturing the images to make a 3D 123D catch
of their HQ.
You can do this with your cell phone, uploading the pix to 123D catch where
all the computational heavy lifting is done in the cloud.
I am looking forward to the day when we can do this all complex tasks, and
Open Source seems like the best way to go forward.

On Mon, May 20, 2013 at 9:53 AM, Hazan Pérez <hapk02 at> wrote:

> I read this interesting article a few days ago, it addresses the Cloud
> part:
> If you'd like to know more you would have to ask the developers
> directly.
> Also, I think that the Software as a Service part of the cloud goes
> against the principles of the Free Software, I heard RMS say so as
> well, so I doubt they'll implement it (I saw a few experiments made by
> the GNOME team in that respect though). As for sync between different
> devices and the such the article mentions that (that must come from the
> user though)
> I hope this helps solve your doubts.
> El lun 20 may 2013 11:17:32 COT, Pete Wright escribió:
> > What, if any, progress is being made to running GIMP, Blender, et all,
> > in the Cloud? Anybody doing this? If so, how can we help? If not, why
> not?
> > Pete
> >
> >
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