Distros and Desktops, almost OT

Pete Wright pnwright at gmail.com
Sun May 19 20:38:43 UTC 2013

Thanks, Alf. By that standard I am a greatly accomplished fool, keeping
wisemen by the score busy night and day.

On Sun, May 19, 2013 at 1:18 PM, Alf Haakon Lund <alf at mellomrommet.no>wrote:

> Thank you for asking this particular question, as it reminded me to
> install virtualbox, which I've been planning for a while.
> I need windows for one, maybe two, programs and as I never bother to
> restart just to run them, virtualbox is the solution.
> They say no questions are dumb, but it's also said that the fool may ask
> more than ten wise men may answer. Take your pick...
> Al F
> On 18. mai 2013 19:54, Pete Wright wrote:
>> Nobody has asked a dumb/weird question in quite a while, so I guess it is
>> up to me again.
>> As part of some research I am doing (either for the TED talk I will never
>> give or the book I will never publish, haven't decided which yet) I want
>> to
>> play around with some different distros, particularly desktops.
>> How much are Linux desktops integrated with their distros? Will I get the
>> full flavor of each desktop if I just install in whatever Linux I am
>> running (currently Ubuntu Studio 13.04 on this machine) or should I put in
>> the whole distro for each?
>> I have a largish (389 gig) windows partition on this machine that has
>> become essentially useless (all my data backed up elsewhere, I think,
>> please Goddess) so should I just go ahead and try various distros on this
>> machine and boot into whichever one I want to use/try at any given time?
>> I don't even know, for example, what my experience would be like if I put
>> Unity, for example, on this distro. What I do know is that everything
>> chosen for it seems to work well with it, and I have been reluctant to
>> mess
>> with it much.
>> Please don't panic – the book isn't about software; I am not that into
>> quicksand stomping! It is about education and various monetization methods
>> that might work for education building on an Open Source foundation. But I
>> want to encourage newbies and even Luddites to come and play in Linux, so
>> I
>> need to know what to suggest that won't leave them hating Linux and me
>> both.
>> Onward and Upward!
>> Pete
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