Distros and Desktops, almost OT

Alf Haakon Lund alf at mellomrommet.no
Sun May 19 20:18:29 UTC 2013

Thank you for asking this particular question, as it reminded me to 
install virtualbox, which I've been planning for a while.

I need windows for one, maybe two, programs and as I never bother to 
restart just to run them, virtualbox is the solution.

They say no questions are dumb, but it's also said that the fool may ask 
more than ten wise men may answer. Take your pick...

Al F

On 18. mai 2013 19:54, Pete Wright wrote:
> Nobody has asked a dumb/weird question in quite a while, so I guess it is
> up to me again.
> As part of some research I am doing (either for the TED talk I will never
> give or the book I will never publish, haven't decided which yet) I want to
> play around with some different distros, particularly desktops.
> How much are Linux desktops integrated with their distros? Will I get the
> full flavor of each desktop if I just install in whatever Linux I am
> running (currently Ubuntu Studio 13.04 on this machine) or should I put in
> the whole distro for each?
> I have a largish (389 gig) windows partition on this machine that has
> become essentially useless (all my data backed up elsewhere, I think,
> please Goddess) so should I just go ahead and try various distros on this
> machine and boot into whichever one I want to use/try at any given time?
> I don't even know, for example, what my experience would be like if I put
> Unity, for example, on this distro. What I do know is that everything
> chosen for it seems to work well with it, and I have been reluctant to mess
> with it much.
> Please don't panic – the book isn't about software; I am not that into
> quicksand stomping! It is about education and various monetization methods
> that might work for education building on an Open Source foundation. But I
> want to encourage newbies and even Luddites to come and play in Linux, so I
> need to know what to suggest that won't leave them hating Linux and me both.
> Onward and Upward!
> Pete

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