Failing Repositories? What is that all about?

Pete Wright pnwright at
Sat May 11 15:58:47 UTC 2013

I keep getting a message to "manually update."
When I do it shows "software up to date."
But it keeps saying "information out of date" and when I try to fix it says
"check internet connection."
All my other software is connecting okay; Firefox, Software Center, etc.,
so obviously my connection is working as well as it ever does (I live in
the Far Thulies and suffer abuse at the hands of CenturyLink who put all
their effort into making sure my connection never EXCEEDS the speed I pay
for, never mind it never reaches it).
Hope the rest of you are having a better weekend.
In fact, instead of reading and answering this, go outdoors.
Maybe I will, too.
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