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leo leokn at yahoo.com
Wed May 8 23:34:53 UTC 2013

P.S. Can I safely use the updates you refer to at 
https://launchpad.net/~kxstudio-team/+archive/ppa ??? 


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I'm having a heck of a time for a couple weeks now just to get Jack and Ardour set up. My first goal is:

1) Input  *.wav file into Ardour track ( = done, success)...I can hear the wav track thru my headphones via Audiobox USB interface, or thru computer external speakers via HDA Intel soundcard, by toggling my choice )via PActl GUI icon at top panel)

2) Record guitar in Ardour also so I can hear my guitar, and the wav track, and see the waveforms in the editor window simultaneously (= last night I got it to work, but today not!!/same setup as last night) =nightmare. :(

After the above basic goal is achieved I can hopefully move on and enjoy my music recording and editing.

I'm running:
 Pentium IV Extreme computer, AW8d motherboard (2 usb ports on front panel unused; 4 in back, used for mouse, keyboard, Wacom tablet, and printer).

 6 mb memory; 300 gb hd (2, actually; the other has Ubuntu 12.04 64 bit)

 Ubuntu Studio 13.04 raring 64 bit kernel 3.8.0-19

 Jack 0.3.9

 Patchage 0.5.0

 Ardour 2.8.14

Audiobox USB interface (usb and MAC compliant)

I'm basically going nuts here trying mostly now to figure out the proper ins and outs of the jack setup. I suspect the answer to solving my dilemna is in the jack setup.


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Subject: Re: Jack & Ardour updates

I personally would recommend the kxstudio repos in launchpad. There you will get nearly newest packages.

Ardour is version 3.1 there and jack is version
They have packages for precise, quantal and raring.


Abhayadev S <abhayadevs at gmail.com> schrieb:

>Can we expect updates for the Jack and the Ardour DAW in the near
>Abhayadev S
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