new Studio user writes

adam ahcnz at
Mon Jul 29 09:35:47 UTC 2013

Newly installed 12.04 Studio. And Xfce seems nice.
I am interested in Audio, primarily. 

So, with the U Forums down, where should I start?

There are many apps from the Audio Production menu, 
but I guess mastering patching jack is step 1 ?
Do I still need pasuspend?  
Is there a Studio Tutorial on setting up jack ?
Perhaps the jack site for Command line Alt-F2, 
or perhaps the Qjackctl site ?

A Tutorial on how to get, say, Qtractor driving any 
of the Synths, via jack I guess, would be helpful. 

Or simply a flow-chart, suggesting in which order 
to start the applications up in, would be a start. 
It would be nice to then Save that as a Project. 

Any Tutorials or suggestions on getting started with 
Studio Audio, much appreciated.

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