new to Ubuntu Studio

Set Hallstrom sakrecoer at
Mon Jan 28 19:57:43 UTC 2013

Good choice! And welcome to the list! :)
It is populated by far more experienced users than me, but here are my
few cents:

No "skipping" problem on my 64bit Ubustu 12.04 I run it on an i3, the
intel graphics and 4Gb ram. So far my audio production is working like a
delicious dream. I chose to stick with the LTS mainly because i'm lazy,
and i own only one station. (even if the live-version of 12.10 seemed to
work fine: at least i didn't notice any skipping... could probably have
tried harder)

XFCE looks good and works very well, i haven't tried to change the
interface because i haven't found any reason to invest the energy. But
let us know how it goes if you do!

Hope you will find what your are looking for!

Have a good week all!


On 01/28/2013 08:38 PM, jack wallen wrote:
> Hello all!
> I just joined this list and am about to embark on using Ubuntu Studio. I'm
> a long time Linux/Ubuntu user, but now do a lot of audio recording
> (specifically, audio books).
> I'm migrating from Ubuntu 12.10 because of a horrible issue with
> pulseaudio I hope will not rear it's ugly head in Ubuntu Studio. The issue
> is the dreaded "skipping" problem.
> Currently I have the Live version running (and waiting to pull the trigger
> until I have a bit more information).
> Has anyone experienced the dreaded skipping in Ubuntu Studio? I'm using
> the onboard Intel graphics chip with an i5 processor. I plan on installing
> the 64bit version.
> Also -- and I'm sure this is a touchy subject -- does it cause any issue
> if installing either Unity or GNOME 3?
> Thank you so much for any information you can offer.
> Jack

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