Update problem..

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at alice-dsl.net
Mon Jan 21 09:07:13 UTC 2013

On Sun, 20 Jan 2013 22:15:55 +0100, Mike Holstein <mikeh789 at gmail.com>  
> I think you'd need to poke around a bit more to see what the issue  
> is/was. It can be challenging chasing those things down. For me, I just  
> don't upgrade my production machine often. I usually have a copy running  
> in virtualbox, and either on another test machine or hard drive. I test  
> *all* upgrades of the kernel, or alsa, or ffado... mission critical  
> components that I can't risk breaking. I usually don't even have my  
> production machine online.

I completely agree with you Mike.

I update my Ubuntu Studio, but I always keep a backup of a stable Ubuntu  
Studio. IOW I don't sync backups.
If an Ubuntu Studio did fit to my needs I'll keep exactly that copy  
forever. I make backups from time to time and replace them by newer  
backups, but I don't touch the backup of the stable version.

I'm using Quantal, but I even have a backup of a stable Maverick and a  
working install of Ubuntu Studio Precise.

FWIW I recommend people to install Ubuntu Studio Precise, btw. it's the  
LTS, since I experienced to many issues with Quantal and on Xubuntu  
mailing list I read that several people have issues too.

If I use an install very often and another very seldom, I only update the  
install I'm using often. I've got issues with Quantal, but I use it most  
of the times, so I update it, but I don't update Precise at the moment.

Testing an audio production environment in a virtual machine IMO isn't a  
good idea. Many people and I'm one of them, don't have the perfect mobo,  
so all the tweaks that have impact to the install, can't be tested with  
virtual hardware.

2 Cents,

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