How do I get Ubuntu Studio to play dvds.

David King linuxman at
Sun Jan 20 20:42:21 UTC 2013

I am having some problems playing DVD files on my Ubuntu Studio 12.04.

The DVD is an ISO file, created using DVD Styler, from my own mpeg files.

I am surprised that Ubuntu Studio cannot play the DVDs it creates.

I looked online and could not find a suitable solution yet. I have tried 
playing the ISO in VLC and Xine. With VLC, nothing much happens, and 
then VLC will not close and hogs the CPU until I kill it. With Xine, it 
reports that it cannot play the file.

I was able to play the ISO as a DVD in a Windows virtual machine on the 
same PC, so this a problem with something missing in Ubuntu Studio. I 
have the restricted extras installed, including libdvdread.

So how can I play the DVD ISO files I created in Ubuntu Studio?

David K
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