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> dear list,
> can you please help me? I can hear no sound on my machine.
> I had previously "normal" Ubuntu installed, and everything worked.
> Now i have installed ubuntustudio from synaptic along with lots of audio
> applications.
> Since i rebooted and logged in into ubuntustudio, i can hear no sound.
> No matter whether i want to play from normal applications like chrome,
> or specialist applications like ardour3, nothing.
> There is the pulseaudio-jack module installed.
> When i am playing e. g. something via mplayer -ao pulse, i can see that
> the volume indicator shown in pulseaudio's volume control application
> does move as it should in both the application’s tab showing mplayer is
> "sending" and the device tab, showing the pulseaudio-jack sink's volume
> moving.
> In qjackctl the pulseaudio sink is wired to the system as it should too.
> i am running on a fujitsu s792 lifebook.
> jack is connecting (alsa) to hw(0,0), which is named ALC269VB Analog
> under the (only) HDA Intel device which is what i have on the mainboard
> of my notebook.
> I cannot play either via mplayer -ao alsa, or -ao jack, or -ao oss. All
> other applications i could find failed to play either.
> Mplayer does not throw an error message or other hint that something
> might go wrong.
> When booting into windows, everything is fine, so the hardware does work.
> Do you have any idea what might go wrong, or where i would need to
> investigate the case?
> The only "suspicious" thing i can find is that when launching alsamixer,
> it only shows one "master" track.
> Pressing F6 shows a list with 2 devices, one "- (default)", the second
> "0 HDA Intel PCH". So maybe somewhere is an empty thing defaulted? If i
> switch alsamixer to the second entry, i see the usual dozen of "tracks",
> although i did not find a possibility of unmuting or the like there to
> change my situation.
> Any ideas? I would be more than grateful for any hints!
> Yours, Arno
if you havent used JACK before, its probably just a matter of not having
any experience with the tools. if you are not planning on using JACK, i
would just go back to xubuntu, but, basically, they are all ubuntu.
ubuntustudio *is* ubuntu, so if you are using the same kernel (which you
likely are, even if you installed the lowlatency one, if you didnt do
anything to select and boot it). the main difference is likely this
simple... you are clicking on applications (such as ardour) that try and
start JACK. JACK gets started, and basically takes over your audio (as it
is supposed to do).. you then have no way of going back to using the system
normally with pulse, since you have just started using JACK, and are likely
not configuring it properly (if at all)...

i would first relax, and ask yourself if you are in need of JACK. if the
answer is "no", then, dont use it. if you want to casually edit some audio
files, you can do that with audacity from inside *any* major operating
system, such as stock xubuntu without adding the ubuntustudio packages. if
you need JACK then, you would want to start from a fresh boot, and open
"qjackctl" and start configuring that GUI tool to start JACK. you would
select your audio device and click "start" and troubleshoot any errors that
come up for you in the window there.

refer to https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudio/ProAudioIntro


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