Problem burning to DVDs

Mac macdroid53 at
Wed Nov 14 12:41:35 UTC 2012

On Wed, Nov 14, 2012 at 7:12 AM, David King <linuxman at> wrote:
> I am having a problem burning to DVDs. I am using Ubuntu Studio 12.04. I
> previously used 10.10 and it worked fine in that, mostly using Nero Linux
> 3.5.1.
> I did a clean installation of Ubuntu Studio 12.04, which comes with Brasero.
> I also installed Nero Linux 3.5.1.
> When I try to burn using Nero Linux it just fails and cannot even display
> the error message, as it cannot find the error message.
> When I try with Brasero, sometimes it works, and sometimes not. Although
> each time I burn, it says I have to manually eject the disc as the software
> could not do it, it does not say why. I then eject the disc and reinsert it.
> Sometimes it then tells me it completed, and sometimes it tells me there was
> an error and the files were corrupted. If it was okay, the disc works okay,
> and if it says corrupted, then it cannot be read.
> I am burning JPG images to a DVD. I have tried DVD-RW and DVD+R. The drive
> supports many formats of DVD and CD to burn to.
> Any ideas what the problem might be? Like I said, it worked okay in Ubuntu
> Studio 10.10 using the same hardware and the same Nero Linux.

I've been using Ubuntu since 8.x. I've created the least number of
coasters with Gnomebaker.

Brasero has rarely worked well for me. I've not used Nero since it's
early days on Widose.

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