(rant) Is there any hope

Daniel Worth pipemanmusic at gmail.com
Mon Mar 5 02:15:42 UTC 2012

> I will be really really really interested on the real statistics.
> Ubuntu/Linux doesn't have support for very popular devices, for example
> Line 6. Also applications have conflicts with sound servers, Jack +
> Pulseaudio for example.

Driver support under Linux is an issue with the vendors not with Linux
itself. I hear this complaining on lists all the time and it's preaching to
the choir. The people you should be ranting at are the manufacturers not
the guys fighting to make things work out of nothing. Also, you are being
silly if you think it's that hard to find a reasonable external sound card
that is supported under Linux, you aren't trying hard enough.

The pulse jack issues is probably the easiest problem I've had to overcome
since moving to 100% linux 6 years ago. I'm sick of people acting like they
are getting martyred every time they have to stop one sound server and
start another.

Most people don't even know why a kernel is and issue before they start
bitching about how they NEED to have hard realtime. If you ABSOLUTELY need
it then you will take the time to figure out how to make it happen although
I suspect that said person would need to do more research on what kind of
latency you actually need to worry about.

If you select hardware with some care and are willing to learn it's a fun
and rewarding experience, if you want everything to be magically easy then
you picked the wrong platform. Linux might be a be a bit of a walled garden
but there are ways in and those of us on the inside are super happy. The
vast majority of things that people do with audio production are there for
the using and the very few things that aren't I haven't really cared about
in a long time. These lists aren't for people to have people to yell at
that don't like this or that. Buck up or GTFO. If you wan't to learn there
is a vast and deep well of extremely knowledgeable and talented people very
willing to help. If you want to pine on about how this or that sucks then
be happy using some other software.

These lists aren't for people to solve all your problems they are to point
you in the right direction to figuring it out on your own. The community
doesn't owe anyone anything. We all had to spend time googling to figure
things out too and are happy and better for the process.

Might be harsh but I'm sick of trying to convince people that Linux and
FLOSS are worth it. Either you "get it" or you don't.

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