Screen Resolution incorrect after updates

Erik Rasmussen MailForErik at
Sun Feb 12 21:44:11 UTC 2012

Hi!  I'm running Ubuntu Studio 11.04 and recently did routine updates
(which I think included a kernel update) and now the screen resolution is
set too small and will not allow me to select the correct resolution.
 (It's set to 1024x768 but should be 1440x900.)  Ubuntu Studio 11.04 has
worked really well up until this point...but I need the viewing space back.

Isn't there a simple graphical utility that I can use to correct this?  (On
past Ubuntu Studio versions I've installed some ATI utility, but it never
worked reliably, was annoying to use, and the settings would sometimes
revert back, especially after kernel updates.)

If not a utility are there simple steps I can take to set this and keep it
set correctly?
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