Hi there, I need help to configure Ubuntustudio on my machine

Matthias Beyer Matthias at ib-fb.de
Mon Apr 9 18:19:28 UTC 2012

I installed Rhythmbox.
I imported a song. I clicked on the Song in Rhythmbox. Nothing happened.
Maybe because of missing MP3 codecs. I imported the 
/usr/share/sounds/alsa/Front_Center.wav soundfile. Nothing happened.

... I'm really annoyed!

Am 09.04.2012 19:18, schrieb Pablo Fernandez:
>> [1] is no link anymore. The webpage doesn't exists!
> :( I hope it is back soon.
>> Anyway:
>> /etc/asound.conf doesn't exists.
>> I commented out the line in ~/.asoundrc and rebooted. Now Jack starts, but
>> with the onboard-Soundcard. I plugged in my Headphones into the onboard
>> card, but still have no sound!
> Well, if/when jack is started, only "jackified" applications or "jack
> clients" will make sound.
> In other words, you have to make sure that you can connect the app's
> audio outputs to the "system" playbacks. (See the connect window of
> qjackctl. In this context, "system" means the audio card that jack is
> using).
> The default sound server in ubuntu(studio) is pulseaudio.
> Banshee/rhytmhbox, flashplayer in firefox, etc, are not "jackified" by
> default. To solve this problem you have either to jackify the apps,
> use other apps or enable some kind of bridge between pulseaudio (or
> alsa) and jack.
> As a quick test you can use a jack-friendly audio player, for example,
> aqualung. Aqualung will know if jack is active and you will see it in
> the connections window.
> For the pulseaudio to jack bridge, follow the instructions here:
> https://help.ubuntu.com/community/UbuntuStudioPreparation#Pulse_Audio
> If you still have no sound from your onboard card, check playback
> levels in alsamixer.
>> Some days ago I read a post in a board about enabling the onboard-soundcard
>> in the BIOS - I never touched the BIOS, except for installing operating
>> systems from a USB-Stick. Could it be that I have to enable the ESI in the
>> BIOS? I don't think so, but maybe you know more...
> No
>> I got a new, really confusing "error".
>> I played around with jack. I selected hw:1,0 as Input device (which is the
>> ESI)
> Well, sometimes the ESI is hw:1, sometimes is hw:0. You can give
> consistent numbers to the audio cards in a configuration file,
> /etc/modprobe.d/alsa-base.conf. This is explained in alsa-project
> site, multiple audio cards. As you noted, the site is down so, for the
> time being, you will have to check every time in qjackctl setup or
> name the card by name instead of by number.
>> and hw:1,1 as output (which is also the ESI).
> The first number is the card (Karte) number, which can change between
> reboots. The second number is the device number (Gerät). See aplay -l.
> According to arecord -l&&  aplay -l, the ESI has two devices, both of
> them are duplex (they can record and playback at the same time) and
> the second one (number 1) is digital, IEC958. To access the analog
> inputs and outputs, you should choose hw:x,0 as input and output
> devices, or once for both in the interface field. (hw:Juli should
> default to hw:x,0 where x is the card number for the ESI).
> Jack is running, BUT
>> - no sound
> Try aqualung, see above.
>> - Status output tells me:
>>     XRUN callback (1).
>>     XRUN callback (39 skipped)
>> The last line about 20 times, one time with "(41 skipped)" and one time with
>> "(40 skipped)", than I halted Jack.
> xruns can be caused for many different reasons. By now, increase the
> frames/periods value.
> BTW, if you don't mind waiting for three weeks or so, I hope
> ubuntustudio 12.04 will give you a much better first time experience.
> Cheers, Pablo

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