No sound from Midi Keyboard via USB

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Tue Sep 20 09:04:54 UTC 2011


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On Tue, 2011-09-20 at 10:48 +0200, Ralf Mardorf wrote:
> OT:
> > You learn playing Rock music in the streets, not by books. 2 Cents YMMV.
> There're some exceptions, e.g. "Original Hendrix by Steve Tarish. An
> annotated guide to the guitar technique of Jimi Hendrix." ISBN
> 0-7119-0015-9, UK Order No. AM 30040, It's from 1982 "To the spirit of
> Jimi Hendrix; and those who raise their freak flag high"
> Hendrix did very interesting chord playing, not just power chords,
> learning Hendrix is comparable to jazz comping, but it's still
> Rock'n'Roll.

And it doesn't harm to get the "Real Book", unfortunately you need to
suffer, because of notes, but it's amazing. I don't own a the real
Book :(. I'm born in 1966, the
guys who own the Real Book usually are around 10 years older, there
seems to be a "New legal Real Book", never have seen this one. Note, I'm
a Pop-Rock-Musician, but there's nothing bad with those Jazz standards.

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