No sound from Midi Keyboard via USB

Michael dennismail at
Tue Sep 20 08:07:06 UTC 2011


Thanks for your answer, but still there is something I don't get.

Am 19.09.2011 um 20:49 schrieb Ralf Mardorf <ralf.mardorf at>:

> PS: I'm not using Rosegarden. It might be that Rosegarden did show
> general MIDI information, even if no plug-in is loaded. E.g. the default
> might be "1 Acoustic Grand Piano". Perhaps Rosegarden than send the so
> called program change MIDI event, that will switch to sound number 1,
> but it won't play a audible note, because no plug-in synth is loaded,
> resp. no synth is connected to MIDI out.

Let me try to put it in my words: rosegarden shows general midi information for any possible sw or hw synth here that has to be connected in order to get something out of the speakers. If this is true, I wonder where "Acoustic grand piano" comes from, because (if I understand all of this correctly) the sound itself is done by the synth and not by the sequencer. So the sequencer shouldn't know anything about the names of the soundfonts that are loaded by the synth, it should only display eg the name of the connection itself eg "midi connection 1" that is communicating with the synth, correct?

If I am right, I wonder about the name of the midi information in rosegarden. Does anybody know if the naming here is some kind of rest from a synth that was eg included in rosegarden (which is a possible explanation of the naming here to me)?

> The only advantage of
> Rosegarden is, that it has got a notation software included. I don't
> need this. Do you need notation printing?

Notation... Well, let me put it that way: Normal musicians in "rock music" (as a wide definition of what I like) shouldn't ever need to write down their stuff because after all, they know what they are playing. If you ever become famous, of course, there is a possibility that you may forget some parts of old songs, but then you still have the internet :) In this context, there is the story from Steve Harris (Iron Maiden) who replied to the question why they don't play "Alexander the great" anymore live: "Because Adrian can't remember the solo". I am not sure if the story is true, but it shows that learning notation could be useful :)


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