No sound from Midi Keyboard via USB

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Mon Sep 19 18:25:02 UTC 2011

On Mon, 2011-09-19 at 20:13 +0200, DennisMail at wrote:
> Hi,
> first of allthanks for your answer.
> > MIDI isn't a protocol for sound and MIDI devices don't generate sound, 
> > the Oxygen 8 is a controller keyboard.
> I am aware of this - I am sorry if I didn't mention this.
> > If your Oxygen 8 isn't connected to a software synthesizer on your 
> > computer (such as a DSSI synth or a soundfont engine in Rosegarden) or a 
> > hardware synth or sound module, you'll never hear anything, whether 
> > connected with a DIN connector or MIDI over USB.
> Well, as I am beginner in midi, I just thought that I might get a sound when having chosed "General MIDI Device" and under it "Acoustic Grand Piano" in the section "Wiedergabeparameter". I just assumed that somehow, Rosegarden has integrated a software synth here. Am I completely wrong?
> Anyhow, when I select "Synth Plugin" under "Wiedergabeparameter" and then eg "Xsynth DSSI plugin" as Paramter for the instrument, I perfectly hear something. Also, I am able to get sound via ZynAddSubFX. But I still want to understand how rosegarden is working here - can somebody please explain me where my brain went wrong?
> Greets,
> Dennis

Very simple, Rosegarden is a sequencer, just recording MIDI events. It
doesn't produce sound. Xsynth, ZynAddSubFX etc. are soft synth that are
independent of Rosegarden, Rosegarden is just a host, able to load those
softsynth as plug-ins. You can use the same synth with other sequencers.

A MIDI event is data that e.g contains information about what note
should be played, this and nothing more is recorded by a sequencer. The
sound modules aka softsynth understand this information and will play
that e.g. note, but you need to load such a softsynth as,
assumed the sequencer is able to be a host, otherwise you need to send
the data by MIDI out to an hardware or soft-synth. I suspect that
something like LMMS does work different, I
suspect it will directly rout to included synth, not a way to work

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