Install Studio or desktop Ubuntu and/or the Server addition.

Brian David beejunk at
Thu Oct 27 16:34:25 UTC 2011

On Wed, Oct 26, 2011 at 3:20 PM, Hopkins Stanley <Heideana at> wrote:
> Hi all.  I’m a real newbie to Ubunto and trying  to figure out how to
> install it.  I think I’m primarily interested in the Studio version but also
> curious about desktop and server versions and I’m not sure if I can install
> them all together or if that’s even possible?

My experience has been that if you have a computer that is going to be
used just for audio/visual work, then just install Ubuntu Studio
straight from the disk.  However, if this computer will also be used
for office work, games and other stuff, it is often better to install
the desktop version and then start adding individual packages, or
Ubuntu Studio metapackages (although I had trouble using the audio
metapackage in Oneiric).  The main difference if you go this route is
that you will need to remember to add yourself to the Audio user
group, something which I think the Ubuntu Studio install will do

My computer is used by a few people for many things, so I use plain
Xubuntu with the audio/graphics packages installed.  Personally, I
find Unity to be unusable in its current state, so I would not
recommend installing the standard Ubuntu desktop for any kind of
serious work.

All in all, though, there's really not a huge difference between
either choice.  In the past there was a lot more things to be done
with real-time kernels, firewire permissions, irq threads, audio
groups and so on that UbuStu often took care of on install.  But a lot
of that stuff is not necessary anymore.
-Brian David

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