Song release after 15 years

Hartmut Noack zettberlin at
Sat Dec 31 11:41:57 UTC 2011

I posted this on the LAU-list also, so please excuse the doublette, if 
you read both lists :-)

I have released a song I had begun working with in the mids of the 1990ies:

The Syrens Of Spring
How Weary I am -- 1995-2011

it is licensed Creative Commons Attribution Share Alike

I worked on at least 100 days on the piece, sometimes 6 h, sometimes 15 
min in most cases 1-2 h. For every minute on every track in the project 
I had 5 minutes erased. Some 5-minute takes are edited down to 3 
seconds. Other parts (such as some of the vocals) are 1st takes.
While I worked on the piece Linux Audio made great progress. I opened 
the project-file in all versions of Ardour since 2004. I wrote 4 
articles about Ardour for german Linux-Magazines most of them using 
screenshots of the how weary project. Such screenshots also appeared in 
articles about 64Studio, Ubuntu Studio, Suse/JAD and other Linux-distros 
I wrote about in that time.

The software never failed me. If there was trouble, it was never 
catastrophic -- most incidents where related to plug-ins badly written 
or abused or both. But bugs never destroyed more than a few minutes of 
recordings and the project itself never was endangered by some serious 
mistakes of Ardour -- since there where no mistakes of that category. 
The same goes for Guitarix and Alsa Modular Synth that where my main 
standalone sound generators for the project.

I spent a important part of my life with this piece of music. Two of my 
children are borne in that time. The colour of my hair changed from 
brown with some grayish strands to gray with some darker strands and a 
good deal of white and the length of these hairs swayed between 30 
centimeters in the 1990ies and 2 centimeters in 2005. My weight from 89 
Kilogramm up to unacceptable 108 at the LAC in Berlin and now down to 
more acceptable 91K. I smoked 30 cigarettes a day then quit smoking for 
2 years then started again and changed to e-cigaretts in the end. I used 
computers for office-work like everybody, then became a power-user, 
switched to GNU/Linux and became a modest web-programmer in the end. I 
have seen and experienced many many things in this time and I am 
thankfull and glad to have seen and experienced all this.

I hereby give this tune to these people: enjoy my sound-installation by 
the name of "How weary I am" for 8 minutes, 8 seconds and 8 hundreds of 
a second (this is really, really the result of the export, I did 
nothing, none, zero to provoke these figures. I swear it!).

I thank you all and especially the musicians that helped me to do it 
(Fred and Christoph) and all the brilliant programmers that made the 
software I worked with and give it to the world under a free license.

Get the complete story and the list of the software used here:

thank you all and have a good new 2012!


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