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Tue Dec 20 20:00:07 UTC 2011

11.04 of Ubuntu Studio is based on Ubuntu, which was Gnome based.
11.10 of Ubuntu Studio is based on Xubuntu, which is based on XFCE.

I don't know for certain this is the reason, (because I did not try to
upgrade from 11.04 to 11.10), but I wonder if there are either further
updates you need to do to be fully switched or if the different
desktop-base is the cause?

Wonder if running the following from the command line will help?  (Or did
you already try it?)

sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get upgrade

On Tue, Dec 20, 2011 at 10:27, Q <lists at> wrote:

> Hi everyone
> I upgraded to 11.10 a couple of weeks ago and so far have found everything
> to be fine apart from one little niggle: buttons in certain applications
> don't work at all.
> It seems to be system-related apps. For instance, in Synaptic, I can't add
> new repositories because the Add button on the Repositories dialogue box
> just doesn't do anything (not even the animation that it has been clicked).
> The Close button on the dialogue doesn't work either.
> Just this morning, the Update Manager alerted me of updates, but the
> Install Updates and Close buttons didn't work (although the Check one did).
> When I opened up the Update Manager from the menu, the Install Updates
> button worked fine, but the Close one didn't once the updates were done.
> I think I've had problems with other system apps as well, but I can't
> remember what those were off the top of my head.
> It's rather annoying, especially not being able to add repos through
> Synaptic. What's going wrong? How do I fix it?
> Thanks in advance
> Q
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