help, jackd crashing, don't know why

Ralf Mardorf ralf.mardorf at
Mon Apr 11 03:11:05 UTC 2011

On Sun, 2011-04-10 at 20:26 -0400, wfdudley wrote:
> I've given up on expecting bugs to be fixed in my lifetime

I started in November 2003 by buying Suse 9.0 Student Version and a less
good Internet access. Since that time I didn't finished any audio
production in a satisfying way using Linux, but Linux audio made great
strides since that time and I needed to spend money in upgrading my
computer hardware, only because of hardware issues regarding to Linux.

I don't expect far advanced apps, e.g. Rosegarden and Ardour to fit to
my needs, but apps like Muse or Qtractor are shapeable for users with
different needs to that established apps.

Qtractor is one of my favourite apps. If there's a bug, I report it to
the qtractor devel mailing list, resp. to Rui and usually he fix it
within a hour. Rui seems to be 24/7 online.

Of course Rui programs Qtractor for a community and himself and not only
for me, so he e.g. spend his time for automation, while I don't set
great value on automation, but e.g. would like to have a different
management for saving and restoring Qtractor projects.

Anyway, we can

- learn how to program for Linux. Not really an option for me, I was a
coder for audio software on oldish computers and I'm used to program for
non-multitask in Assembler. I don't like C, especially not C on Linux, I
prefer to be a user instead of retraining myself.

- be tough and insist on pointing out issues. This is a balancing act.
I've got a bad record in the Linux community, because I didn't balance
good, OTOH, I was quieter for a while and still will be quieter and I'm
welcome most of the times, regarding to test MIDI stuff. Yes while some
people wish(ed) to ban me other won't miss me.

- win over other people to use Linux (only) too and help them to set up
their machines. So more people with your or my needs will join the Linux
community. Note that bugs are reported and good stuff isn't reported.
Note that the most bad bugs aren't reported, people simply use other
operating systems instead. The coders do not really know what users wish
to have, because the Linux audio community mainly are male nerds. 

Another issue is, that the UNIX/LINUX/POSIX religion is a golden calf
and an additional balancing act is needed to handle this. What's
important for a good multiuser system, for office and consumer needs,
doesn't make sense for audio/MIDI workstations all the times. I don't
use the toaster to clean my clothes and I don't use the washing machine
to roast bread. A sledgehammer and a screwdriver for watchmakers for a
multitool isn't a usable combination, if somebody does need both, two
separated tools are needed.

> I did nukem PA from my laptop, it won't work with Skype.  I did it by renaming
> a binary somewhere. crude but effective.

No unwanted side-effect?

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