help, jackd crashing, don't know why

Pablo Fernández pablo.fbus at
Sun Apr 10 20:09:36 UTC 2011

El 10/04/11 14:52, wfdudley escribió:
> adding ram from 512M to 1024M fixed it.  Thanks!
> Bill Dudley

Well, I was not exactly saying that the problem was lack of RAM although
more RAM is better of course. I guessed you had 512 MB because of this

Memory locking is unlimited - this is dangerous. You should probably
alter the line:
     @audio   -  memlock    unlimited
in your /etc/limits.conf to read:
     @audio   -  memlock    354993

This suggestion on the memlock limit is 75% of your total RAM, in kb.

The real problem is not the lack of memory but pulseaudio locking it. 
Manually cleaning /dev/shm is a must if you have little RAM and even
with 1 GB you could have problems.. Avoiding pulseaudio althogether can
be a good idea or not, depending on your needs.

I am not sure if pulseaudio should be left out of US or not, but this
bug[1] is a major drawback. It affects many more than 4 people yet is
marked as "won't fix". 


Cheers! Pablo

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