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cool tim... im going to look at ejamming right now... there is one really
interesting online jam project, ... i
would suggest trying it if for nothing else research.. its cross platform,
and kinda integrates lag into the equation... basically, your playing along
with each others last 4 bars, or 4 beats or however you have it
configured... and it works well for 'free' music or 'one chord jam'
jamming... i can imagine playing a 12bar blues form with some guys online
where you are playing with each others last 12 bars, but i did not have
great success with that in practice, and the metronome needed to be on which
kinda killed the vibe... i did not try any longer song forms... i have had
decent test cases using jacktrip ( ) where i was
thinking 2 or more folks online playing with rather low realtime-ish
latency, and although the quality coming back from the monitors would not be
ideal for recording, each person would record the session in ardour locally,
and export their track, and the separate high-quality tracks could be
emailed and assembled... i will be vocal about this in the list when i get a
chance to make this happen... mumble is quite interesting too. i dont think
it will ever become the low-latency app necessary to jam together, but its
pretty low (under a second) and hanging out online sharing musical ideas
or collaboration ideas works quite well... pipemanmusic over in
#opensourcemusicians was recently working on a track, and he had the session
piped into mumble, and several of us were able to hang in the mumble room,
and give suggestions, and play things for him on instruments (kind of a
virtual-producer thing)... he also had a bot going in the IRC that allowed
us to control his ardour session (!start !arm !record...)

how is the latency in eJAMMING ?

On Wed, Sep 29, 2010 at 1:26 PM, Tim Cook <timothywayne.cook at>wrote:

> Hi Mike,
> I am sending this to the list because  maybe there are others interested
> in this as well.
> It seems that you have, off and on, ventured into collaborative music
> over the Internet in various ways over the past couple of years.
> With that experience and your icecast experience I am wondering if you
> have ever tried something like eJamming?
> Of course Fender charges for this service and it is Windows and MAC
> only.  The reason that I ask is because a group of us over on Blues
> Guitar Unleashed are
> interested in tackling something like this.
> My first thought was to use a Skype Video conference call.
> Any others?
> Cheers,
> Tim
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