Maverick and RT

Jeremy Jongepier jeremy at
Wed Sep 29 14:12:10 BST 2010

Hello all,

I might be able to help out testing and once I become confident enough
with packaging I could help with some of the other aspects of
maintaining a kernel. It would be great if a real-time kernel would be
available for 11.04 again, which depends of course if there will be a
real-time patchset available for the kernel 11.04 will ship with. Afaik
the current RT patchset maintainer is Thomas Gleixner.
But I'd like to stress that I MIGHT be able to help out, it also depends
if other people want to participate and if I have enough time (I am
before all an active musician).

Speaking for myself, I can't work without a real-time kernel. I need the
tasklet API that a real-time kernel provides so I can use rtirq. Without
rtirq my FireWire devices don't work properly at low latencies or don't
work at all. And even on systems that run well without a real-time
kernel I prefer using such a kernel so that I can get the best
performance out of my systems.



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