Nightly testing PPA

Andrew Hunter andrew at
Sat Sep 4 23:39:49 BST 2010

Hey Kenneth,

On Thu, Sep 2, 2010 at 7:30 AM, Kenneth Koym <koymkg at> wrote:
> Andrew,
> Sorry you're over my head when you tell about packages are now available
> from ppa:ubuntustudio-nightly/packages are now available from
> ppa:ubuntustudio-nightly/ubuntustudio-nightly.
> Is the ppa that you tell us is ready, prepared such that one can open
> terminal and make an essentially single step build of a working OS?

No, these are nightly builds of the upstream source code. You still
need to install Ubuntu Studio (or plain Ubuntu), then add this on top.
There are no guarentiees that the software is not broken.

For example, you need feature X that has landed in FFmpeg but is not
included in the version of FFmpeg in Lucid. You could build FFmpeg
from source yourself, but that bypass the package system entirely.
> I'd be very interested in ending up with an UbuStu OS that can handle what I
> cannot do with what boots up as UbuStu 10.04.1 Lucid 64amd in a Kubuntu
> format.

What exactly do you mean here?

> Maybe I am alone in not knowing at all how to proceed.

Add the url to your software sources. More detailed instructions are
available on



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